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Five Age Groups

6 months
18 months


Your infant’s brain is in development prime time, they are starting to establish unique connections with people and objects all around them. At Little Harvard, we will read many books, learn to talk by pointing and naming objects such as ‘train’ or ‘ball’! Our naturally gifted infant educators will listen to their baby babble, and talk and make sounds in response to them. We will use sign language to communicate and express our feelings, listen to music and play with various toy instruments. Our shoe-free environment and padded floors will encourage your infant to crawl and scoot around, giving them the freedom to explore comfortably and with confidence. Your infant will make friends with other babies and teachers and, above all, receive a ton of cuddles from us.

18 months
2.5 years


A child’s attachment to teachers at this age sets an important foundation for their ability to bond and trust adults in the future. With this in mind, independence, social development and classroom involvement are the focus of this program. Your child’s toddler experience should be wholesome and engaging, building a healthy foundation for lifelong learning. In a short period of time, children quickly flourish in classroom routines making room for deepening friendships and following simple instructions.

3.5 years


As children become more comfortable with our school’s environment and transitions, early literacy and math concepts are introduced. In this program, children begin to learn phonetics, write capital letters, trace their name, count to 10, sort objects by shapes and colors, compare attributes, start using scissors and draw a person’s face. They are encouraged to speak and answer in sentences, share stories, and use their imagination. They learn to cooperate with friends, take turns, and begin to express emotions and problem solve.

4.5 years


This program focuses on strengthening your child’s knowledge of math, literacy, and handwriting skills.  Children are introduced to sight words and practice writing their names daily, learn to recognize upper- and lower-case letters and practice rhyming. They also learn to recognize numbers 1-20, apply simple addition, sort and classify objects, create and extend patterns and count accurately using one to one correspondence. Our pioneers are able to communicate in complete sentences.

5.5 years


Our graduating class at Little Harvard are deeply engaged in the Mini Master’s thematic units, literacy and math lessons. Children in this program write daily, learn to read simple sight words and short books, learn to count by fives and tens, learn the placement of numbers up to 100, explore geometry and simple patterning, and learn measurement in terms of objects and units. Activities are set up to encourage independent work as well as group collaboration.

Diverse Advantage – Unlock your child’s potential.

Speciality programs such as 360 Active classroom, Yoga Kids, My Mozart and many more give our students the tools and guidance to explore and develop their full potential. Schedule a visit to learn more.


What Our Families Say

Since both of us are university faculty, choosing a preschool for our daughter Chloe was a thorough and meticulous process because we know that finding the right preschool is an essential and key milestone in her future education. As parents, we sought to give her the best foundation for learning, or at least that is what we hoped for. As soon as we set foot at Little Harvard, it just felt right! From the warmth of the staff to the professionalism of management, we knew it was where Chloe needed to be.

Dr Jean-Paul & Karen Arnaout

Well lets start by saying awesome care givers: professional, friendly, knows the little details about your child and treat your kid individually. Fawaz was having a great time in little harvard. His personality shined up and became more calm, confident and his vocabulary improved tremendously…he started talking in complete sentences:). Its paradise for kids! As a mother you want the best for your little one and definitely little harvard is the best preschool/ day care in Kuwait…hands down!

Mother of Fawaz AlSabah

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