To inspire students to love learning.


To inspire students to love learning.


We created a school culture that is loving, safe and nurturing for our children, families and teachers.

We put emphasis on exploration, imaginative play and value individual interests, creating an atmosphere that addresses the emotional, social, physical, cognitive of the whole child. We are lifelong learners and are motivated to learn every day! Little Harvard will prepare your child for future schools and build the necessary foundation to collaborate and excel in today’s globalized world.

Philosophy kuwait daycare


Core Values


Dare to try


Practicing patience, respect and love


Recognize, appreciate and be thankful


Caring locally and globally


Wonder that leads to discovery


Truthful in thought and action


Pursuit of understanding


Joy in action



Believing in one’s self


At a Glance






What Our Families Say

Our second day in Kuwait; desperately looking for a place where we could save the day, yet find a safe place for our beloved one. There we found LITTLE HARVARD. We feel so blessed that our experience with Little Harvard has started and lasted to be incredibly and profoundly positive. The smile and the comfort on my son’s face was the living proof that Little Harvard was the second home for us. The other indication which makes this nursery so unique, special, and different than other hundred ones is that your child will never want to leave when it is time for pick-up (You will know what I mean if you are a Little Harvard parent). It is not just all about Little Harvard; there is more, the quality education.

Dr Harun & Kezban Kurkcu

The whole experience was enriching & exciting. Taking our little girl to the nursery was hard, like for any other parents facing separation anxiety, but with the experienced Little Harvard staff, adaptation was fast, and the little one felt at home quickly. The school’s management team is experienced and knowledgeable of the requirements of children development and running a nursery, enabling an effective and productive learning experience. Little Harvard premises are new and clean, and management team pays utmost attention to hygiene and tidiness. In addition, the food plan is very balanced and beneficial for the children for their growth and health.

Ahmad & Shaimaa Mulla

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