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Frequently Asked

Is your preschool licensed?

Yes, Little Harvard Preschool is licensed and regulated by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

What are your school hours?

Classes start at 7:45 am and end at 12:45 pm, Sunday through Thursday.  You may drop off as early as 7:15 am and pick up from the front gate no later than 1:00 pm. Should parents need longer school hours,  we offer an after-school program until 2:15 pm for an additional fee.

At what age do you accept students?

We start enrolling children from 6 months through 5.5 years.

Is there space in your program to enroll my child?

Our programs are very competitive to get into as parents secure seats early in the year for the fall. We encourage parents to enroll as early as possible to avoid a waiting list.

What are the child to staff ratios?

Our toddler children have a 6:1 (child:adult) ratio and the older programs have a 7:1 (child:adult) ratio.

Do you have uniforms?

We do not believe in imposing our young students to wear a rigid dress code such as uniforms because it can stifle creativity, self-expression, and openness to new ideas. Allowing your child to choose an outfit to wear to school will empower them and build their confidence.

Do you teach Arabic?

Yes, Arabic is an integral part of our curriculum.

Does my child need to be toilet trained?

No they do not but when you feel your child is ready to be toilet trained, we ask that you begin the process at home. We will follow through and encourage your child once in our care. Toilet training will be done in a relaxed manner to ensure a positive experience for the child and parents.

Is there a transition period for my child? How do we handle separation anxiety?

Yes, we have a program called “Scattered Entry” that helps children with the transition period. During this time children will meet their new teachers and classmates, and are gradually familiarized with Little Harvard’s environment and classroom routines. Parents will receive a specific schedule for their child’s scattered entry program during our annual meet and greet event. The length of time it takes before your child attends a full schedule will depend on their age and progress. 

We encourage parents to never sneak out while your child is engaged in a lesson or activity.  Remember to always give a kiss or hug and say “goodbye” and most importantly, always say that you’re coming back to pick them up. Teachers and Director are available to help any child who is having a particularly difficult transition, providing the necessary feedback to parents during this process.

Separation anxiety is a normal developmental stage where children experience anxiety when separated from their parent. Separation is a process. Some children have no separation anxiety and some children experience anxiety for several weeks. It is important to comfort the child and let them know it is okay to cry or feel upset. Our teachers manage separation by working with proven strategies to lessen the discomfort, such as consistent schedules and routines, sensory room, bringing a familiar toy from home, and creating an open and honest dialog with parents.

Will my child be challenged?

Yes because we believe that “quick learners” need to be engaged and challenged. Our teachers are trained to carefully adjust the lesson so your child stays interested and always building on their competency. While lesson planning can still be organized in a general format, it will also be necessary to outline specific goals for each child.

Do we receive regular information regarding the activities and themes being presented to the children?

Yes, you will receive a newsletter by email of events and activities at the beginning of every month and it’s also posted on our Parent Info Wall in the lobby.

Is your preschool nut-free?

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone, we adhere to a strict policy: NO ITEMS WITH NUTS OR NUT PRODUCTS can enter the facility.

How frequently are toys and classrooms sanitized?

We take hygiene very seriously, all our toys and classrooms are cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis.  We follow a detailed checklist that is signed off by management upon cleaning. Toys, knobs, handles and other surface areas are sanitized by the mandated 1:10 ratio bleach to water solution. Our team of nannies work tirelessly to maintains the school’s appearance and cleanliness.


What Our Families Say

Since both of us are university faculty, choosing a preschool for our daughter Chloe was a thorough and meticulous process because we know that finding the right preschool is an essential and key milestone in her future education. As parents, we sought to give her the best foundation for learning, or at least that is what we hoped for. As soon as we set foot at Little Harvard, it just felt right! From the warmth of the staff to the professionalism of management, we knew it was where Chloe needed to be.

Dr Jean-Paul & Karen Arnaout

Well lets start by saying awesome care givers: professional, friendly, knows the little details about your child and treat your kid individually. Fawaz was having a great time in little harvard. His personality shined up and became more calm, confident and his vocabulary improved tremendously…he started talking in complete sentences:). Its paradise for kids! As a mother you want the best for your little one and definitely little harvard is the best preschool/ day care in Kuwait…hands down!

Mother of Fawaz AlSabah

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