Little Harvard’s COVID-19 Response

What You Need To Know

When will the preschool reopen?

We will announce the reopening dates for the academic year 2020-2021 as soon as we have an official confirmation from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Health.

Will the students be offered in-person lessons, online learning or both?

If approved by the ministry, we plan to resume in-person lessons based on prioritizing the health and safety of our students and teachers. Our team is constantly monitoring and evaluating the situation, and will provide regular updates as to which method of learning will take place.

What will the “new normal” look like at Little Harvard?

Our goal is to create a warm, welcoming, and positive environment that will be as normal as possible for our students, while following the guidelines set out by Kuwait’s health officials, that will ensure the health and safety of our entire school community, including enhanced cleaning protocols. As the situation continuously evolves, guidelines and procedures will be updated as we get new information and all of our families will be kept up to date by email on what protocols will be at school.

How can I prepare my child for the return to preschool?

Always be positive about heading back to school. Try to bring it up in conversation casually, and allow them to express to you how they are feeling. Let your child know how excited we are to welcome them back to Little Harvard, and that we are very carefully preparing their classrooms so they will feel safe and comfortable to learn and grow. Start establishing routines and encouraging independence, especially for our younger students, to allay separation anxiety.

How do I talk to my child about COVID-19?

Let them lead the conversation, and welcome their questions. Take cues from your child, and try not to prompt them. Be calm and reassuring when talking to your child, but be honest with them too. Use age-appropriate language, and encourage them to share how they are feeling.

Will there be a policy regarding families returning to school after travel?

We will follow the Kuwait’s Civil Aviation guidelines, which currently require that all persons entering Kuwait—whether by air, land, or sea – to obtain an approved health certificate (PCR) confirming negative infection results with COVID-19, register with Shlonik platform and abide by the Ministry of Health guidelines to quarantine.