Benefits of Tummy Time

Oct 30, 2023

At Little Harvard Preschool, we prioritize early childhood development, particularly for infants as young as six months old. One significant practice we focus on is “Tummy Time” a simple yet vital activity that significantly impacts your child’s physical, cognitive, and motor skill development.

Tummy time refers to placing young infants on their stomachs while they are awake and supervised. This practice strengthens their essential muscles, including the neck, shoulders, and core, leading to improved motor development and laying the foundation for milestones like rolling over, crawling, and sitting independently.

What may seem minute to us adults, is often monumental to the little ones. For infants, every developmental achievement is a triumph, and Tummy Time is when they begin exploring their bodies and the world around them.

Inside Little Harvard’s Wonderers class, we enhance tummy time with gentle guidance and an environment that fosters it. Here are some strategies that we use:

  1. Age-appropriate Books: We place both black & white playmats & colorful books within their field of vision. The vivid images spark their curiosity and encourage infants to lift their heads.
  2. Interactive Toys: We provide age-appropriate toys that promote reaching, grasping, and exploration. Placing these toys just out of reach motivates infants to lift their heads and also engage their arms, thereby enhancing coordination and fine motor skills.
  3. Mirror Play: During tummy time, we introduce mirrors, allowing infants to observe themselves and interact with their reflections. This visual feedback stimulates cognitive development and self-awareness.
  4. Gentle Guidance: Our dedicated teachers playfully interact & offer gentle guidance during tummy time which helps maintain the infants’ interest and enjoyment.

Parents also play a crucial role in encouraging tummy time. Here are several activities parents can try at home:

  1. Start Gradually: Begin with short tummy time sessions, gradually increasing the duration as the baby becomes comfortable. Initiate with a few minutes and gradually extend to 20-30 minutes per day, spread throughout the day.
  2. Interactive Playtime: Make tummy time enjoyable by joining your baby on the floor. Engage in playful interactions, talk & sing.
  3. Utilize Props: Place age-appropriate books or toys near your baby during tummy time, encouraging them to lift their head and reach out.
  4. Maintain Supervision: Place them on a firm and comfortable surface, away from any potential hazards.

Tummy Time is a journey of growth and self-discovery for our Wonderers, leading to significant physical, cognitive, and emotional development. Together, we can create a nurturing environment that helps our little ones reach their developmental milestones.

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