Tips to beat Boredom!

Mar 7, 2020

  1. Play dates with friends: Play dates provide children with opportunities to practice important social and emotional skills. Children learn to share, take turns, and cooperate as they interact with each other.
  2. Family Finger painting mural: create a large mural involving the entire family! It helps bring the family together, develops hand-eye coordination and develops is also a relaxing and creative way to express feelings.
  3. Bake day: bake cookies and cupcakes with the kids! Getting a little messy in the kitchen is always a fun way to kill the boredom.
  4. Make a fun kite!
  5. Movie day: invite a few friends over, grab a few buckets of popcorn and a few Disney classics…
  6. Make inflated rubber glove puppets
  7. Make sock and finger puppets: let their creativity flow, a few buttons, some pom-poms and most definitely some googley eyes!
  8. Puppet Show: get the kids to use their self-made puppets to create their own little puppet show!
  9. Karaoke: nothing like some good old fashioned sing along to brighten up ANY day!
  10. Yoga : get the kids to stretch out a bit and vent that excess energy with a FUN kiddie yoga class!
  11. Treasure hunt: create a kiddie treasure hunt, let them wander, explore, and try to interpret the clues all by themselves.
  12. Create a family newspaper: it strengthens relationships, develops creative writing skills, builds self-esteem, and createsa lasting family historical record. It could even be a podcast!
  13. Scrapbook: blast to the past by creating new memories out of old photographs.
  14. Make a pop up story book.
  15. Juice pong: helps develop hand eye coordination and teaches team playing and healthy competitiveness.
  16. Musical instruments: make funny little instruments using tissue boxes or toilet rolls
  17. Make up a fun family song.
  18. Learn a choreographed dance as a family.
  19. Family Concert: use the instruments to create an event, a live show with the instruments made, and the song and dance that was newly acquired.
  20. Kiddie charades.
  21. Make a family puzzle.
  22. Face painting: you paint on the kids and let them paint on you!

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