Benefits of Little Harvard Village

Mar 2, 2018

Besides making the connection in a child’s life with our carefully designed learning environment, many experts agree that dramatic play is an integral part of a well a rounded preschool program.

Here are some of the many incredible benefits of dramatic play in Little Harvard Village.

Dramatic play teaches and encourages expressive language. Children are motivated to communicate their wishes to their peers and therefore
must learn to speak from the perspective of their pretend roles, thus increasing comprehension.

Both unstructured and structured dramatic play offer teachable moments about conflict resolution. Inevitably, disagreements will naturally arise during dramatic play, which offers children a chance to work through their differences and arrange a compromise. It also encourages children to consider alternate perspectives as they recognize various roles of people in their lives and communities.

Dramatic play provides the perfect play environment for children to interact with functional math. With the help of our educators, children who are
playing at our Mishref’s Pizzeria or Sadiq’s Bakery will interact with each other to take orders and follow instructions. Therefore preparing them for
later math success.

Dramatic play empowers children because they assign and accept their own roles in a play setting and it also offers a safe play for children to act
out different experiences. Typically, when children act out dramatic experiences they place themselves in a powerful role. They choose to
play mommy or daddy, two important figures in their lives, or a superhero with great powers.

Happy Learning in Little Harvard’s Village!

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