Tips That Will Help Your Kids Slowly Unplug!

Nov 2, 2016

Why we need to limit electronic usage:

Research shows that increased screen time is associated with higher rates of childhood obesity, behaviour problems, ADHD, poor sleep quality, poor physical activity and poor school performance.

What parents can do:

Remove the TV from the bedroom. Take the TV out of your room and your child’s room. Screen time at bedtime has been shown to influence sleep patterns and lead to less sleep and increased behaviour problems.

Ban electronics from the dinner table. Make mealtime an electronics-free zone – no TV, no smartphone, no tablet on the table. Have a conversation with your child and find out what happened in his/her day.

Put limitations on screen time. Limit as much screen time as possible – ideally no more than one hour per day. The more our children use electronics, the less physical activity they do. Fight the boredom by making a list of things to do to keep the kids occupied.

Set aside play time. Show your child he or she is more important than the screen, and do things the old-fashioned way. Play with your kids, and let their imaginations run wild. Take them to the park, a museum or help them build a fort in the living room.

Get interactive with your children. There are times when screens are OK, but if you’re going to use electronics, use them together as a family in an interactive way.

Make a resolution to unplug as much as possible. By doing so, you’ll not only create more memories with your children, you’ll also help improve your family’s well-being.

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