The Importance Of Chores

Nov 2, 2016

Children who do chores are more successful as adults.

Research shows that giving your child chores as young as preschool age has many benefits that have lasting effects. Starting young is key and here are some of the many nurturing affects:

1. Chores give children responsibilities.

2. Hands on movement will help the child with gross and fine moor skills.

3. Children who have chores learn to work well with others.

4. Chores will teach your child about delayed gratification.

5. Chores give children a purpose.

6. It teaches self – discipline

Remember: it is a good idea not to associate money with your child’s chores. It’s important for them to tie chores as a contribution to something bigger. It’s okay to give them allowance, but do not use it as a form of payment for doing their chores. You don’t want them to be motivated by money!

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